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Quality Management Unit

To establish, implement and maintain the necessary processes for the Quality Management system, to report the needs for the performance and improvement of the Quality Management System to the Secretary General, to carry out the necessary activities to ensure that the awareness of the member conditions is widespread, to organize the programs, To guide and assist the services unit, To carry out all its work in accordance with the quality policy and targets, commitments and strategies determined by the company, To seek solutions and guide in unanimous agreement with the Secretary General about the issues determined regarding the Quality Management System in the entire service area, To plan the annual audits, to ensure their implementation, to follow up and to inform the Secretary General about the operation of the system. To present the negativities that are not resolved by conducting follow-up examinations to the management at the “Management Review” Meetings. To create the documentation related to the Quality Management System, to keep and follow up the records, to follow the control, approval and distribution of all records specified in the Quality Records Control Procedure as specified in the relevant procedures, to prepare the agenda for the management review meetings and to announce them to the relevant persons in order to ensure their participation. By following the meeting decisions and responsibilities, to report to the management on whether nonconformities are resolved, To ensure that the quality policy is known and implemented at every level of the stock market, To show maximum interest and concern to the committees, observers or inspectors coming from outside or inside regarding the system, to provide guidance, To carry out relations with external persons and organizations and to represent the stock exchange. Responsible for using and fulfilling all the authorities and responsibilities included in the ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System and accreditation documents and scope.