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It is obligatory to register the transactions made on the minimum amount of the items in our stock exchange listing list to our stock exchange. Sales made through electronic commerce are also within the scope of this article.

The purchase and sale transactions of agricultural products with sufficient supply and demand, which are not subject to our Exchange, can be registered by our Exchange, depending on the request of the buyer or the seller.

The purchases made by the consumers for their own needs and the purchases and sales made at least in the amount of the items subject to our stock exchange or below this amount are not subject to registration.

The registration period of the relevant trading transactions is 30 days. If the registration requirement is not fulfilled within 30 days, the registration fee is collected with an excess of fifty percent. In addition, a daily late fee is accrued for the registration fee not paid on time, in accordance with the Law No. 6183 on Collection Procedure of Public Receivables.

The prices of the registered transactions, together with the purchase and sale methods, are announced in writing on the stock exchange on the same day.

Trading transactions registered to the stock exchange can be canceled by the decision of the board of directors or terminated by the decision of the arbitral tribunal or the court upon the written application of the parties. In this case, the registration fee is refunded upon request.

In case the same purchase and sale transactions are made repeatedly, the registration is canceled by the decision of the board of directors.

No fee is charged for registration of export. However, domestic purchases of the goods exported by the exporter are subject to registration and fees.

It is essential that the registration fee is paid in advance by the registrant of the transaction at the time of registration.

After the purchase and sale transaction is registered, the changes that will affect the registration fee jointly made by the parties are communicated to the stock exchange on the day of registration, and if this change causes an increase in the registration fee, the difference is collected. If there is a decrease in the registration fee and it is notified to the stock exchange on the same day, the excess fee is returned to the relevant parties. The registration fee is calculated separately for each transaction and collected.