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Benefits of the Commodity Exchange

To the extent that the agricultural products produced by the farmer reach their real value within the current conditions of the market, the financial burden of the State due to support policies in the agricultural sector decreases.

By registering the purchase and sale of agricultural products and animal products to the Stock Exchange, it is ensured that the informal economy is registered, thus, withholding VAT and tax losses and evasion of the state on these products are prevented.

Commodity exchanges also stabilize possible predictable fluctuations
Commodity Exchanges Provide Advantage to Exporters: Producer exporters working in industries such as food and textile can find the opportunity to fulfill their export commitments on time, at the desired quality and price, by making forward purchase contracts.

Commodity Exchanges Protect Consumer Interests
Commodity Exchanges contribute to the formation of fair and real prices in accordance with the interests of the consumer by partially compensating for the price differences in terms of region and time of agricultural products, which are extremely common in production and consumption.

Commodity Exchanges Provide Benefits to the Producer:
Stock exchanges are a market where producers can offer their products to a large number of buyers, so that they can sell their products with confidence and at real prices, under the current conditions.

Only registered members can enter Commodity Exchanges and trade on the Exchange. The only exception to this limitation is agricultural producers. For this reason, agricultural producers constitute a significant part of the sellers in each stock market.

No Waste of Time in Resolving Disputes with Arbitration Method !
Disputes and disputes between the members are resolved by the Arbitration Committees.