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Succes Stories

Succes Stories

Raşit Oğuz Başarı Hikayesi

The company operates in the milk and dairy products manufacturing sector with the Gazibey brand operating in Kaputaş Village of Eskil District.
Raşit Oğuz, who has been operating in the farming and construction sector for many years, entered the milk and dairy products sector and started production by establishing a small manufacturing house in the first place. For many years, it produced only sheep's milk with its unique taste, aged cheddar and moldy cheese, and then, with the increase in demand, it developed its workshop and increased the amount of milk it processes daily. By collecting sheep's milk from all villages and highlands of Eskil, it has developed a product range such as Old Cheddar Cheese, Moldy Cheese, Tulum Cheese, Cream, Butter.
Dairy products liked by the people of Eskil are now distributed to the city and the region. Raşit oğuz, who participated in every fair organization, enabled his products to reach wider markets. As of now, it processes 500 tons of milk annually.

Ali Hakan Acar

I know that agriculture and animal husbandry are indispensable sources of livelihood in Aksaray. That's why we try our best to contribute to Aksaray's agriculture and animal husbandry. We started agriculture and animal husbandry in 2000. We grew gradually. We achieved gradual growth from 2000 to 2014. While doing agriculture and animal husbandry, we received various trainings in the field of modern agriculture and livestock. We did not take advantage of the opportunities provided by our state. we grew melons, watermelons, onions and tomatoes in our fields. We first tried the products that were not grown in our region before, and then we started production. For example, we first planted it on a 7-decare land, and then we pursued how to make the most of these products. We planted it in the most efficient way from the product. We identified the problems and fixed them. We created alternative markets. At the moment, farmers are aware of the price of the product. He can market his product, he does not have to sell his product to a single customer as before. It reaches many buyers. Now it was easy to grow crops, the important thing was to find a market, and we solved this problem by researching and working hard.

Recep Yapılcan

Recep YAPILCAN, one of our Aksaray Commodity Exchange members, participated in the fair with a team of 28 people, under the coordination of our Exchange, for the organization of the world's largest agriculture and livestock fair in Hannover, Germany, between 11 - 15 November. At the Agriculture and Livestock Fair visited, Simmental breed Combined productive (Meat - Milk) cows had the opportunity to examine. Making good use of this opportunity, YAPILCAN contacted a German company and purchased 400 head of Simmental cows.
The characteristics of the Simmental breed cow, whose homeland is Switzerland, was called the Spotted cow (Fleckvieh), while this name continued as Simmental over time. Combined productive (Meat - Milk) this breed is preferred in North and South America, Australia, many European countries and Africa due to its carnivorous nature.
The Simmental breed is very suitable for crossbreeding with other carnivorous and dairy breeds. In this way, the calves born are more milky and meaty, and they also support their muscle structures. An average of 41 million Simmental cows are raised in the world. For example, it is one of the most popular breeds in Germany. On average, there are 1.5 million Simmentals in this country.

Ayşe Cicim

We visited Ayşe Cicim, who received her entrepreneurship certificate by attending the Applied Entrepreneurship Course organized by our Aksaray Commodity Exchange, at her workplace. Ayşe, our female entrepreneur, who started a business with the support of KOSGEB by participating in the course held in our stock exchange, shared her experiences with us. Ayşe, who lives in Aksaray, worked in different sectors for years before, then she decided to start her own business and developed her personal knowledge even more by participating in the Applied Entrepreneurship course held in our Stock Exchange. Ayşe, who received her certificate from the course she attended in our stock exchange, opened her own business, which she founded on the soap world in February 2016, with the support she received from KOSGEB. Ayşe, who sells her own decorative soaps using her creativity, also sells souvenirs, presentation and decoration products made of soap for the special day celebrations of her customers upon order. Ayşe Cicim, who stated that her work was greatly appreciated and appreciated, has expanded its product range thanks to the positive reactions she has received, and serves its customers by selling natural soaps prepared with various plant extracts for skin care. Ayşe, who has a wide customer base and says that the returns are satisfactory, continues her work with devotion and meticulousness. Our female entrepreneur, who has achieved a successful increase in her orders and customers, now aims to expand her workplace.