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Why Should I Become a Member?


Law No. 5174 Date of Acceptance: 18.5.2004

Obligation to Register on Exchanges

ARTICLE 32. – Those dealing with the purchase or sale of items included in the commodity exchange listing are obliged to register with the exchange of their place. The registrations of those who do not comply with this are made ex officio by the stock exchange and notified to them. These member records to be made according to occupational groups are kept up-to-date in the common database organized by the Ministry and the Union in electronic environment.

Any changes that occur in the status of those who are obliged to register with the stock exchange and which are required to be registered and announced according to the Turkish Commercial Code, must be notified to the stock exchanges they are registered to within one month from the realization. The relevant exchange, which is informed of a matter that is compulsory to be registered in the relevant registry but not registered in the legal form and time, notifies the relevant registry office of the situation of those who do not fulfill this obligation to make the necessary registry changes. The registry office is obliged to take the necessary actions upon this notification.

Although the central stock market is outside the working area, branches, liaison offices, factories, representative offices, warehouses, trading places and similar units of real and legal persons operating within the working area of ​​the stock exchange, whether registered or not registered in the trade or trades registry, must also be registered with the stock exchange. .

The names of the members whose addresses and situations could not be determined since the last two years before the current year and who did not trade on stock market items in the last two years before the current year, are deleted from the professional groups and voter lists by the decision of the stock exchange council, their dues accruals are stopped and they cannot benefit from stock exchange services.

If the relevant person does not notify his/her address and status by applying to the stock exchange of which he is a member, within two years following the decision of the stock exchange council mentioned in the above paragraph, his registration from the stock exchange shall be deleted by the proposal of the board of directors of the exchange and the decision of the assembly. Fees accruals are started for those who report their status within this period. However, they cannot be re-registered in the voter lists unless they pay their dues.

Manufacturers of listed substances as producers or directly to consumers without mass production may sell their own goods on the exchange, even without registering to the exchanges.