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Administrative Affairs Unit

To prepare the agenda announcement of the Exchange Assembly and Board of Directors meetings, to ensure that they are reproduced and forwarded to the relevant parties, to attend the meetings and to prepare and file the minutes of the meetings, To follow the participation of the Assembly and Board of Directors Members to the meetings, To coordinate and control the organizations such as meetings, seminars, training and panels to be held by the relevant units To prepare the Monthly Activity Report of the Board of Directors, To coordinate the representation of the Exchange in the organizations to be held on official days, To support the Exchange Organ election transactions carried out by the Registry and commercial services units, To ensure coordination with the chamber management, To ensure and supervise the efficient operation of the units affiliated to it, The Chairman of the Board and the General Manager To ensure the coordination of the units subordinate to the Secretary. To ensure the management and administration of Ancillary Service Staff. To carry out other duties assigned by the General Secretariat, to control all kinds of transactions and related files prepared by the Commercial Services and Accounting Service regarding the promotion, punishment, dismissal of the Exchange personnel, their relations with the insurance and pension fund and other institutions.