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Ethical Rules

The purpose of establishing Aksaray Commodity Exchange ethical rules; It is to determine the ethical rules of conduct that all employees working on behalf of the Exchange, members elected to bodies and those representing Aksaray Commodity Exchange will comply with in order to ensure that they can carry out and continue their duties without any influence or pressure, and to assist in their implementation and to prevent possible conflicts of interest.
Aksaray Commodity Exchange has a corporate culture that includes ethical principles in addition to its legal and legal obligations. Since its establishment in 1967, its presidents and employees have created this culture by adding their personal principles to universal ethical values.
The ethical rules of ATB, which is based on this culture, are not only written documents, but also include values ​​that are embraced and experienced by all employees.
Stock exchange employees not only implement them, but also expect them from others.
Aksaray Commodity Exchange treats its employees equally, wants the best for each and provides fair wages and working conditions. It aims to keep the morale and motivation of its employees high. The company strives to fully understand the ethical rules by its employees. For this purpose, it provides easy communication channels for them to present their thoughts and opinions to the management.
Aksaray Commodity Exchange treats its members fairly and honestly. He is open and honest in preparing all documents related to his products. Avoids misdirections. It aims at absolute and full member satisfaction. Therefore, it aims to deliver the service completely and on time.